Beth Kelley, Attorney at Law

Beth Kelley Regardless of what type of criminal charges you are facing, Beth Kelley has the experience and skill to provide you with an effective defense in the Colorado courts. Ms. Kelley specializes in criminal defense in Boulder County with an emphasis in her practice in the cities of Boulder and Longmont. She has extensive jury trial experience and has defended clients against charges ranging from DUI to first-degree murder.

Beth Kelley is a criminal defense attorney who will provide you with a vigorous and aggressive defense. She will do everything legally possible to defend you against the effects that criminal charges will have on all areas in your life, including working to help minimize fines, jail sentences, and damage to your professional and personal reputation.

Professional, straight talk, straight answers... the way your criminal defense should be.

Ms. Kelley will speak with you about the specific circumstances of your case and actually listen to your answers. If you choose to, you can meet with Ms. Kelley to discuss your case free of charge. Moreover, Ms. Kelley will advise you not only if she thinks that you need help from a criminal defense attorney but also if she thinks that you may not need a lawyer and can save money by representing yourself in court.

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