Cases of Note and Testimonials

Here are just a few examples of recent cases handled by Beth Kelley:

  • Client found not guilty of felony stalking
  • Domestic violence assault charges dismissed
  • Client found not guilty of harassment charges
  • Client found not guilty of violation of a restraining order
  • Municipal charges dismissed
  • Felony drug possession charges dismissed
  • Motion to withdrawy guilty plea granted
  • Client with significant mental health issues faced with mandatory prison receives misdemeanor probation

"There is no one who will work harder for you than Ms. Kelley."

- Denver District Court Magistrate

In 2003, Ms. Kelley argued for the dismissal of charges against dozens of juveniles in the Denver Juvenile Court. The legal effect of her argument can still be felt today: the Court of Appeals upheld the ruling, limiting juvenile's exposure to juvenile charges throughout Colorado.

Ms. Kelley receives frequent referrals from the Boulder County Safehouse to defend individuals charged with domestic violence charges.

Ms. Kelley is one of the few attorneys contracted with the Boulder Municipal Court to handle cases where individuals cannot afford attorneys.