Do I Even Need a Lawyer?

scales of justice Sometimes the answer to this question should be "no" but not all lawyers will tell prospective clients when this is the case. There are some charges that you may be able to defend yourself against. Ms. Kelley is different than other lawyers in that she will tell you the straight truth about your charges and whether you need professional assistance.

Providing a fair and
balanced approach.

Whether you speak over the phone or in person, Ms. Kelley will tell you the straight truth: if she does not feel that she can increase the likelihood of a positive disposition in your case she will explain why you might not need to spend money on hiring a lawyer.

Questions to ask before the initial consultation

  • How much will the lawyer cost?
  • How will the lawyer keep you informed about your case?

Questions to ask after the initial consultation

  • Do you feel comfortable with this lawyer?
  • Do you feel you were treated with respect and courtesy?
  • Do you feel the lawyer paid attention to what you were saying?
  • Was s/he willing to take the time to explain things you didn't understand?
  • Do you trust this person to advocate for you in court?